Continuing Education

The EPICC Program currently offers continuing education opportunities for School Nurses. Please see the School Nurses Webinar Series page for comprehensive information on how to participate.

Bridging the Gap: Training of Medical Interpreters

Are you interested in a career in healthcare using your bilingual and bicultural skills? Here is a great FREE training opportunity for you!

For more than 17 years, the Utah Department of Health has trained bilingual and bicultural individuals on how to become effective medical interpreters. We use the 64-hour Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training, a nationally recognized training course from the Cross Cultural Health Care Program.

For more detailed information about the program please read this flyer. If you are interested in applying, we invite you to download, complete and submit the following forms:

Please note that ALL applicants are required to have a sponsoring agency. Please have the sponsor agency complete and submit the Sponsor Agency Form.

Application Deadlines for the 2019 Summer Training:

  • Registration opens June 8, 2019
  • Registration closes June 29, 2019