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Diabetes Practice Recommendations

Note: The Utah Diabetes Practice Recommendations was last updated 2012. That is the last update, they will not be updated again. The reason for this is programmatic direction change. Beginning July 1, 2014 these recommendations will be taken off our website and you will be redirected to the National Clinical Practice Recommendations.


The EPICC Program recognizes the importance of optimizing care for patients with diabetes. In promoting this objective, the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (now, EPICC Program) organized a panel of interested health care professionals to develop the Utah Diabetes Practice Recommendations for Adults 2012 (UDPR). The recommendations are intended to foster current diabetes care practices, and to provide useful outlines to guide health care professionals in the screening, diagnosing, and appropriate management of people with diabetes. The materials in the Diabetes Practice Recommendations (DPR) build upon and complement national and regional diabetes protocols. Members of the DPR Panel have identified decision points to assist clinicians in providing consistent and appropriate diabetes care for their patients. More...

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The Utah Diabetes Practice Recommendations (UDPR) for adults were revised in 2004 and updated in 2009. In addition, the Diabetes in Pregnancy and Hyperglycemia Management for Inpatient sections were added in 2005 and updated in 2006. In 2007, a section was added on Management of Children and Adolescents with Diabetes. All recommendations are supported by the ADA Clinical Practice Recommendations.

The UDPR, while outlining a general course of action for the majority of patients, do not substitute for informed clinical judgment on the exact course of treatment for individual patients.

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