Healthy Environments

Most people want to work in a healthy environment. What does this consist of? So many things affect us every day. Here are some ideas to help improve our environment:

  • A Healthier You: Healthy Worksite Award Program: The Healthy Worksite Award Program is the premiere award in Utah recognizing the outstanding achievements of businesses and organizations in implementing employee health promotion and wellness programs. It acknowledges efforts to facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity, and ensure healthy work environments. Visit Website
  • Second Hand Smoke: Eliminate potential legal fees. Employees can file lawsuits against your company if they feel that they are being exposed to second hand smoke. Eliminate claims based on violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Visit Website
  • Tobacco Free Workplace: Providing resources to help your employees quit using tobacco is the single most effective health benefit you can provide to your employees.
    Tobacco use results in massive costs to the state as a whole and to employers in particular. Smokers consume more health care resources, experience greater job absenteeism, and tend to be less productive while at work. The estimated costs to the health care system for treating smoking-related illness are more than $369 million in Utah. Tobacco cessation reduces your employee's risk of getting lung cancer, heart disease, heart attack, and upper respiratory infections. Reducing the risk of these diseases will reduce health care costs. Worksite Kit (PDF)


Public Access AED Program

Traditionally, CPR has been used to help people who have a heart attack or other type of heart failure but CPR alone is not nearly as efficient as CPR when combined with Automated External Defibrillators (AED) use.

AED Placement Resources

Heart Check: Assessing Worksite Support for a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

"Studies show that when a health promotion program is unfocused, it has little long-term impact. So choosing the right kind of program is vital to its success, impact on employee health, return on investment, and ability of the program to be sustained." (Building a Healthy Worksite, pg 11)

Assessing a worksite is key to developing a focused health promotion program. The New York Department of Health's Heart Check is a great example of a heart healthy assessment.

Insurance Evaluation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have created a checklist with recommendations to help you analyze your insurance benefits around heart disease and stroke and will guide you to negotiate for the benefits that would be beneficial for your employees.

It is best to complete this checklist with the help of the person who purchases insurance, a health insurance company representative, and the director or CEO of the company.