The EPICC team is a group of diverse people with varied backgrounds and unique skills in public health which help to create a collaborative environment.

Linnea Fletcher, MPA, MPH, CHES linneafletcher@utah.gov (801) 538-6146 EPICC Program Manager
Rebecca Fronberg, BS, CHES, CPM rfronberg@utah.gov (801) 538-6229 EPICC Assistant Program Manager, Worksite Nutrition Policies, Breastfeeding
McKell Drury, CHES mdrury@utah.gov (801) 538-6896 EPICC Domain 4 Coordinator, Diabetes Webinar Series, Continuing Ed. Credits, Diabetes Self-Management Programs, Community Health Workers
Brittany Brown, MPH brittanybrown@utah.gov (801) 538-6215 Epidemiology and Evaluation Coordinator
John Stuligross, MPH jstuligross@utah.gov (801) 538-6295 Health Systems Coordinator
Carolyn Croxall ccroxall@utah.gov (801) 538-6142 Office Technician
Aashima Acharya aashimaacharya@utah.gov Health Systems Specialist
Tessa Acker, MPH, RD tacker@utah.gov (801) 538-6593 Community Health Workers
Rachel Black reblack@utah.gov (801) 538-6228 CHW Training Specialist
Michael Friedrichs, MS mfriedrichs@utah.gov (801) 538-6244 Statistician
Judy Harris judyharris@utah.gov (801) 538-6603 Breastfeeding, Nutrition, TOP Star, Early Care and Education
Verena de Havenon, MPH verenade@utah.gov (801) 538-6026 Telehealth Specialist
BettySue Hinkson, MSN, RN, NCSN bhinkson@utah.gov (801) 419-1078 School Nurse Consultant
Taylor Hoj, MPH, CPH thoj@utah.gov (801) 538-6342 Epidemiologist/Evaluator
Caitlyn Jasumback, BS cjasumback@utah.gov (801) 538-9209 Epidemiologist/Evaluator
Natalie Klein, MPH nklein@utah.gov (801) 538-6273 National Diabetes Prevention Specialist
Laura Holtrop Kohl, MS, RDN, CD lholtrop@utah.gov (801) 538-6610 Nutrition, Food Service Guidelines, Food Pantries, Grocers, Farmers Markets
Brittany Ly, MPH bly@utah.gov (801) 538-6294 Diabetes Self-Management Education
Brett McIff, PhD, MSPH, PAPHS bmciff@utah.gov (801) 538-6530 Physical Activity Coordinator (Physical Activity, Active Transportation, Health Impact Assessments)
Dave Mecham, MA, CPM dmecham@utah.gov (801) 538-6654 Media and Communications Coordinator
Brenda Ralls, PhD bralls@utah.gov (801) 538-6083 Epidemiology and evaluation
Tara Ross, MPH, MHA taraross@utah.gov Health Systems Specialist
Sarah Roundy, BS saroundy@utah.gov (801) 538-9454 School health, School Physical Activity and Nutrition, LHD Contract Liaison, Catalyst