Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are trusted members of the neighborhoods where they serve. They are trained lay people who provide education, guidance and social support, while serving as a liaison for health care providers and social services. CHWs share a connection with their communities because they understand the culture and language where they live and work.

Titles for CHWs vary—promotor(a), patient advocate, health navigator, etc. They also work or volunteer in different settings including: hospitals, clinics, schools, community-based organizations, non-profits and health insurance companies. Generally, Community Health Workers offer the following:

  • Language interpretation
  • Culturally appropriate health information
  • Assistance with applying for social services
  • Guidance for overcoming barriers
  • Informal counseling
  • Setting and achieving health goals

The Utah Department of Health leads a Community Health Worker Coalition made up of volunteer members from non-profit organizations, health systems, businesses and local government. Together, their mission is to promote, support and advance the work of Community Health Workers in Utah.

More About Community Health Workers

For additional information about Community Health Workers or to join the Coalition, contact Tessa Acker at the Utah Department of Health, (801) 538-6593.