As Childcare providers you have one of the most important and tough jobs in the world! You matter and make a difference in children’s lives. Childhood Obesity is a big problem and everyone has a role in preventing it. Child care facilities can provide a healthy environment for children by promoting:

Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Breastfeeding

What do you feel is a child care provider’s role in preventing childhood obesity?

What Can You Do?

Learn how to promote healthy eating habits, increase physical activity and support breastfeeding families to:

Children playing
  • Participate in our TOP Star Program: Teaching Obesity Prevention in Childcare Settings. Learn more about TOP Star.
  • Participate in the national Let’s Move! Child Care Initiative. Learn more about Let’s Move!
  • Take advantage of valuable Resources.

Preschools, Childcare Centers and Homes

Caterpillars made out of food
  • Early childhood is an ideal time to influence children’s food acceptance and lifelong healthy habits.
  • Children are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when they are involved in growing the food, making food selections and meal planning.
  • Visit Grow It, Try It, Like It! For more preschool garden theme ideas.
  • Visit Got Dirt? A toolkit that can apply to creating school gardens in Utah.
  • By reducing screen time and increasing physical activity children are more likely to be a healthy weight.
  • Following breastfeeding recommendations provides the necessary nutrition for children’s development, provides immune protection and reduces chronic disease.