Utah law 53G-9-501 allows the administration of medication in public or private schools to students during school hours. There are certain criteria that must be met. The school board must consult with the Department of Health to provide:

  • The designation of employees who may administer medication.
  • Proper identification and safekeeping of medication.
  • The training of designated employees.
  • Maintenance of records of administration.

Medication can only be administered if:

  • The student's parent or legal guardian has provided current written and signed request for medication to be administered during regular school hours to the student.
  • The student's health care provider has provided a signed statement describing the method, amount, and time schedule for administration, and a statement that administration of medication is medically necessary during regular school hours

The authorization to administer medication by school personnel may be withdrawn by the school following notice to the student's parent or guardian.

School personnel who administer medication are not liable for adverse reactions to the medication or discontinuing administration after notifying the student's parent or guardian.

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