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Anaphylaxis: A Shot to Live Instruct staff to take “A Shot to Live”¬†online anaphylaxis training first, bring completion certificate to the school nurse for hands on epinephrine administration competency check off. University of Utah A Shot to Live
Anaphylaxis: Get trained The Get Trained School Nursing Program is only intended to provide training to unlicensed school staff to administer an epinephrine auto-injector. National Association of School Nurses Get Trained
EpiPen Training School staff EpiPen training. Mylan EpiPen4Schools
Training Video
Asthma resources for Schools Multiple Asthma program resources for schools. Adaptable staff presentation Kelly Baxter, UDOH Asthma Program Presentation Handout
Headfirst Lice Lessons Lice Lessons from the National Association of School Nurses. National Association of School Nurses Lice Lessons
Diabetes Diabetes and glucagon training resources. Utah Department of Health EPICC Program Glucagon Skill Checklist

Glucagon Training Presentation
Seizure Rescue Medication Training Please view the appropriate presentation including the video, and print off the post-test to take to your trainer. The trainer will then go over student-specific information and hands-on training. You can print off the certificate if you wish to take to the trainer for a signature. Utah Department of Health EPICC Program Intranasal Training Presentation

Intranasal Training Video

Intranasal Training Post-Test

Rectal Medication Training Presentation

Rectal Medication Training Video

Rectal Medication Training Post Test

Volunteer Training Certificate
Seizure Training for School Personnel Training for School Personnel is designed for people who work with children and youth in school settings. This program provides an overview of seizures and epilepsy, seizure first aid, seizure action plans, rescue therapies, seizure emergencies and how to support students in school settings. Epilepsy Foundation Seizure Training